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Killowen Group

Navy needs thorough evaluation to ensure readiness, says top strategic advisor

The nominee for Navy secretary, Carlos del Toro, faces two big questions if the Senate confirms him. A Surface Navy investigation 11 years ago and the investigation after two collisions in 2017 ask the same questions House and Senate Armed Services Committee members are asking today. Harlan Ullman, chair at the Killowen Group, senior advisor […]


President Biden’s American Jobs Plan has a potentially tragic flaw, says Killowen Group chair

A national investment fund may be a solution to potential waste, fraud and abuse in recovery from the pandemic and could apply to a number of problems the federal government will face in the next decade. Harlan Ullman, Chair at the Killowen Group who is proposing the national investment fund, said the American Jobs Plan […]


Challenges ahead for the new Secretary of Defense

Harlan Ullman, Chair at the Killowen Group, discusses unprecedented obstacles Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin will have to overcome and strategies for success


The Navy and relations in the Pacific

Harlan Ullman, Chair at the Killowen Group, describes what he believes Fleet Admiral Ernest King would say about the Navy’s current strategy, based on his World War II experiences

Defense Matters with Harlan Ullman

Alternatives to a new Space Force military branch

Harlan Ullman, chair of the Killowen Group, discusses why a full service for space operations would be “unworkable,” and why establishing a new high-level command would be a better strategy.

Government Matters with Harlan Ullman

Lessons for the Pentagon in UK’s military budget

Killowen Group chair Harlan Ullman discusses some themes from his latest book, “Anatomy of a Failure: Why America loses every war it starts.”

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