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Jonathan Alboum

Agencies should reevaluate processes started during pandemic, says former agency chief information officer

The Technology Modernization Fund (TMF), a government funding vehicle, has an extra $1 billion from the COVID stimulus package to support agency IT upgrades, but the White House still wants to add another $500 million to the fund. Jonathan Alboum, federal chief technology officer at ServiceNow and former chief information officer at the Agriculture Department, […]


ServiceNow exec says agencies need guidance from Office of Management and Budget on digitized processes

The clock is ticking on guidance for agencies for the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (IDEA), signed into law in December 2018, which aims to improve the digital experience for government customers. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is months to years behind on deadlines the IDEA required. Jonathan Alboum, Federal Chief Technology […]


New unemployment insurance systems should fit within existing technologies, says ServiceNow exec

The latest coronavirus relief bill includes $2 billion for the Department of Labor to transform unemployment insurance systems at the state level. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh says the department needs to bring its unemployment system into the 21st century. Former Agriculture Department Chief Information Officer Jonathan Alboum said the department should make technologies available that […]


Taking a “whole of government” approach to vaccine distribution

Jonathan Alboum, Federal Chief Technology Officer at ServiceNow, discusses the Biden administration’s approach to vaccine distribution and opportunities for digital transformation in the COVID-19 response


The future of IT adoption in government

Jonathan Alboum, Principal Data Strategist at ServiceNow, discusses the idea of the next GSA administrator serving as a chief operating officer of the federal government


Implementing maximum telework at government agencies

Jonathan Alboum, Principal Data Strategist at ServiceNow, discusses a new bill in the Senate that would keep as many employees as possible working remotely until HHS declares the pandemic is over

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