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Government Matters OPM Panel

Priorities and expectations for new OPM director nominee

Dan Blair, former acting Office of Personnel Management director, and Jeffrey Neal, former chief human capital officer of the Department of Homeland Security, discuss the nomination of Dale Cabaniss to be OPM director, and what she should focus on if confirmed.


President George H.W. Bush’s federal workforce legacy

Jeffrey Neal, senior vice president of ICF, discusses how George H.W. Bush worked with the federal workforce during his long career in public service, and what made him different from other presidents in that regard.


Takeaways from the 2018 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey

Steve Goodrich, president & CEO at the Center for Organizational Excellence, and Mary Schwartz, senior vice president of digital & technology at ICF, detail what the latest federal workforce survey says about morale, motivation and “survey fatigue”


The impact of artificial intelligence on the federal workforce

Jeffrey Neal, senior vice president of ICF, discusses how widespread AI adoption would affect federal jobs, and what the future may look like.


Changing landscape in federal agency hiring processes

Jeffrey Neal, senior vice president of ICF, discusses “fragmentation” in the civil service, and why individualized hiring processes might not solve all staffing problems at agencies.

Government Matters Panel with Tremaine

Recruiting & retaining tech talent in government

Kris Tremaine, senior vice president of ICF, details ways to bring a tech-savvy workforce into the federal government, and why change is necessary for the future.


Report: Agency reorganization plans include big shake-up at HHS, USDA

Jeffrey Neal, former Chief Human Capital Officer at the Department of Homeland Security and Senior Vice President of ICF, discusses the report that the Trump administration plans a sweeping reorganization of cabinet level agencies, and the workforce executive orders that aim to reduce federal collective bargaining rights.

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