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Hudson Institute

Navy’s “divest to invest” plan comes with dangerous risk, former deputy under secretary says

The Navy’s new “divest to invest” plan aims to alleviate budget challenges by reallocating funds. But that plan does not guarantee the Navy will save money, according to Seth Cropsey, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and former deputy under secretary of the Navy. Cropsey said the strategy, which involves divesting mostly of large surface […]


355-ship fleet may be irrelevant, says former special assistant to Chief of Naval Operations

The House Armed Services Committee’s markup of its National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is underway tonight. The Senate Armed Services Committee started its markup last week. However, the numbers they authorize and the appropriators appropriate may be all wrong. Bryan Clark, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and former special assistant to the Chief of […]


Military needs new joint force design approach in light of software advances, says force development expert

The Air Force will test a new way to distribute tasks for cybersecurity operations in defense. However, delivering capabilities from individual forces might not be the right model for Great Power Competition, a strategic approach towards adversaries that includes renewed emphasis on nuclear deterrence and strengthening NATO and Indo-Pacific military capabilities. Timothy Walton, fellow at […]


Navy’s new shipbuilding plan indicates strategy shift, says national security expert

The Navy’s new shipbuilding plan steps back somewhat from the force’s 355-ship fleet strategy. The new plan calls for anywhere from 320 to about 370 manned ships. Bryan Clark, former special assistant to the chief of naval operations, former director of the CNO’s Commander’s Action Group and now senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, said […]


Littoral combat ships no longer fit today’s strategic environment, defense expert says

The first two littoral combat ships will be leaving the Navy fleet later this year, just over a decade after the Navy commissioned both of them. The ships were intended to last a quarter century. Former Deputy Under Secretary of the Navy Seth Cropsey said the strategic situation has changed since the littoral combat ships […]


SHIPYARD Act does not go far enough, says Hudson Institute senior fellow

A new bill in Congress, the SHIPYARD Act, would put $25 billion into the shipyard problem sea service experts are warning about, which is that shipyard capacity is too small to support the Navy. Bryan Clark, Senior Fellow and Director at the Hudson Institute, said the act does not go far enough to address the […]


R&D element strongest part of Navy’s unmanned campaign plan, says Bryan Clark

The Navy has a new framework for creating unmanned systems for its fleet. The document lists five overarching goals, but that document does not specify targets for the number of vessels or the timeline. Former Special Assistant to the Chief of Naval Operations Bryan Clark said he thinks the unmanned campaign plan “fell a little […]


Seth Cropsey: Hypersonic missiles critical for countering China’s A2/AD strategy

Seth Cropsey, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, discusses the benefits of hypersonic capabilities

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