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Hudson Institute

‘We have to start wanting Ukraine to win more than we just hope Russia’s going to lose,’ says Hudson Institute fellow

On Jan. 20, defense leaders from around the world met at Ramstein Air Base to discuss aid to Ukraine. Leaders were split on sending tanks to the country. Despite the tanks being bought and owned by countries such as Poland, Spain and Finland, because Germany manufactured them, it has the right to veto where the […]


The future of US-Pakistan relations

After years of disengagement, ties between the U.S. and Pakistan are warming, but the future of relations is still unknown. Husain Haqqani, director of south and Central Asian at the Hudson Institute, explains that while the U.S. no longer depends on Pakistan for logistical support, Pakistan is still of strategic importance to the U.S. due […]


US sending $625 million in weapons to Ukraine

Bryan Clark, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, discusses the details of new weapons shipments to Ukraine, other requests from Ukraine and attacks on the Nord Stream undersea pipeline


China announces discovery of lunar mineral

Arthur Herman, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, discusses whether the United States should be concerned about a recent claim from China and what the U.S. should do to strengthen its space program


Former State Department official: Fentanyl problem needs more attention from federal law enforcement

David Asher, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, discusses the dangers of Mexican drug cartels distributing fentanyl across the U.S. as well as the government’s attention on this issue


Unmanned ships and aircraft are the future, says naval operations expert

In modernizing the fleet for a potential conflict with China, the U.S. Navy is looking to accelerate the development and deployment of robotic ships. Unmanned ships and aircraft are the future, said Bryan Clark, senior fellow and director at the Hudson Institute, and the Navy is working on a more coherent strategy for near-term deployment. […]


United States may be unprepared for potential Indo-Pacific conflict

A major flaw in Russia’s invasion plan was its lack of attention to logistics. Mike Watson, associate director of the Center for the Future of Liberal Society at the Hudson Institute, says this should serve as a warning to U.S. forces in planning for a potential war in the Indo-Pacific. Watson told Government Matters the […]


Defense expert advises US and NATO to keep Ukraine supplied with anti-ship missiles

Much of the attention on U.S. support for Ukraine focuses on air and missile defense, but according to Arthur Herman, senior fellow at Hudson Institute, ignoring the naval aspect of the conflict would be a mistake. Herman said he has been urging the United States and NATO to keep Ukrainians supplied with anti-ship missiles because […]

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