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Government Shutdown

Workforce Matters with Angela Bailey

DHS Chief Human Capital Officer lays out top priorities

In this two-part interview, Angela Bailey, chief human capital officer at the Department of Homeland Security, discusses initiatives to improve morale at the agency post-shutdown, and other top priorities.


Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board reviews new IT portfolio audit

Kim Weaver, director of external affairs at the Thrift Savings Plan, discusses how the TSP is working to increase their FISMA scores for next year, and new rules about withdrawals as a result of the government shutdown.

Adm. Charles Ray

Coast Guard Vice Commandant lays out top priorities

In this two-part interview from WEST 2019, U.S Coast Guard Vice Commandant Adm. Charles Ray outlines the service’s top priorities for readiness, recruitment, and modernization.


The push for government contractor back pay in light of partial shutdown

David Berteau, President & CEO of the Professional Services Council, details efforts to provide back pay for federal contractors after shutdowns, and how it could be done.

Workforce Matters with Jill Klein

Government shutdown’s impact on recruitment of young talent

Jill Klein, interim dean of the School of Professional & Extended Studies at American University, discusses how workers were impacted by the partial shutdown, and explains why lifelong learning is important.


Personnel, retention challenges facing the federal workforce

Mallory Barg Bulman, vice president of research & evaluation at the Partnership for Public Service, discusses workforce issues in the federal government, and how the government shutdown impacted them.

The Pentagon Beat

The Pentagon Beat – February 13, 2019

Marjorie Censer, editor of Inside Defense, and Tony Bertuca, chief editor of Inside the Pentagon, discuss the Defense Department’s request for a major increase in Overseas Contingency Operations funding, and the top mergers and acquisition trends in the defense industrial base for 2019.


Shutdown impact on government hiring and recruitment

Mika Cross, federal workplace expert from FlexJobs, discusses the last shutdown’s effect on federal hiring, and private sector strategies the federal government could use to recruit and retain.

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