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Government Accountability Office

Serious concerns raised over most expensive weapons system in history

The most expensive weapons system in history is about to get more expensive. A new analysis from the Government Accountability Office suggests the F-35 aircraft could end up costing more to operate than the services say they can afford. Diana Maurer, Director of Defense Capabilities and Management at the Government Accountability Office, said the Air […]


Annual human capital reviews must be restarted, says GAO managing director

The Government Accountability Office’s newest High-Risk List shows improvement in seven areas, but Strategic Human Capital Management is one of the areas that is backsliding. Chris Mihm, Managing Director of Strategic Issues at GAO, said one reason human capital went back in the leadership area is that OPM had an acting director for 18 of […]


Female members of the military pay more out of pocket for uniform items

Members of the military pay out of pocket for some parts of their uniforms, but the cost can vary significantly. The Government Accountability Office says the Defense Department can do more to track these cost disparities and address them. Tina Won Sherman, Acting Director for Defense Capabilities and Management at GAO, said her team found […]


Stock shortages in prepositioning programs pose risk to readiness

The Defense Department tracks the locations of its combat vehicles supplies and spare parts around the world. A new GAO report says DoD could do more to get an accurate picture of its prepositioning programs for these supplies. Cary Russell, Director of Defense Capabilities and Management Issues at GAO, said his team found there were […]


GAO’s High-Risk List shows loss of leadership focus

The Government Accountability Office’s new High-Risk List adds two items and removes one. Comptroller General Gene Dodaro told “Government Matters” yesterday that just because an item is off the list doesn’t mean it’s out of mind for the GAO. Greg Giddens, Former Chief Acquisition Officer at the Department of Veterans Affairs, said a concerning trend […]


Greater federal leadership needed to address drug misuse problem, says GAO leader

A new High-Risk List from the Government Accountability Office, identifying programs vulnerable to waste, fraud, abuse or mismanagement, or in need of transformation, shows two new entries and one exit. The GAO rolled out the list at the House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing this week. Gene Dodaro, Comptroller General of the United States and […]


GAO director: Nation on “unsustainable fiscal path” requiring better defense spending management

Elizabeth Field, Director of Defense Capabilities and Management Issues at GAO, discusses recommendations to improve DoD’s management of defense spending


GAO finds DHS should improve grants management for countering violent extremism

Triana McNeil, Director of Homeland Security and Justice Issues at GAO, goes over the Government Accountability Office report on the Department of Homeland Security grants process to counter violent extremism

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