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We would not want to face another disaster with this level of national debt, says debt limit expert

The Government Accountability Office projects the nation’s debt will hit its highest point in history in 2028, after which the debt will grow faster than the gross domestic product. GAO reports after the pandemic the government should prioritize getting the country on a sustainable long-term path. Susan Irving, Senior Advisor to the Comptroller General on […]


NAPA’s suggested “national investment board” would need White House endorsement

The Treasury Department has distributed $150 billion to counties and cities in 30 days as part of the Coronavirus Relief Fund. The National Academy of Public Administration has recommendations for agencies implementing programs with quick turnaround times effectively. NAPA President and CEO Terry Gerton said challenges for the agency include the large amount of money […]


GAO finds agency workforce planning processes are often lacking

GAO calls strategic human capital management one of the government’s toughest management problems. It’s on the GAO’s High-Risk List, and it’s a common thread throughout many of the other challenges on the High-Risk List too. Candice Wright, Acting Director for Science, Technology Assessment and Analytics at GAO, testified to the House Science Subcommittee on Oversight […]


Concerns remain about thousands of potentially vulnerable data centers

The Office of Management and Budget has pushed agencies to consolidate data centers and use existing centers more efficiently. The Government Accountability Office finds OMB can do more to track how it is measuring server use. David Hinchman, Acting Director of Information Technology and Cybersecurity Issues at GAO, said this year’s report suggests overall good […]


New GAO recommendations for vaccine distribution and supply chain management

Nicole Clowers, Managing Director of Health Care Issues at GAO, goes over Government Accountability Office findings on vaccine distribution plans and data exchange across government


Issues to address in the next administration

Chris Mihm, Managing Director of Strategic Issues at GAO, discusses some of the major issues the new administration should immediately focus on


Cost and schedule estimates in major IT programs

Kevin Walsh, Director of Information Technology and Cybersecurity Issues at GAO, discusses findings related to costs and schedules of major IT programs

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