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Agencies kick off new fiscal year with appropriated money

Government Matters talks with former Department of Labor CFO Jim Taylor and Former Office of Personnel Management CFO Clarence Crawford about what full appropriations means for the agencies that received it.

Seamus Daniels

CSIS releases FY19 Defense Budget Analysis

Seamus Daniels, Program Coordinator & Research Assistant for Defense Budget Analysis at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, details their budget analysis report, and why the Department Of Defense is “paying more for a smaller force.”


Budget & appropriations activity on Capitol Hill

Congressional Expert David Hawkings and Niv Elis, reporter at The Hill, discuss how the next few weeks will play out, and how a bipartisan agreement will help avoid a government shutdown on October 1.


Defense spending negotiations underway on Capitol Hill

Roger Zakheim, director of the Ronald Reagan Institute and former general counsel of the House Armed Services Committee, discusses the possibility of the Pentagon being completely funded by the budget deadline, and what the passing of Sen. McCain means for the Senate Armed Services Committee.


Pentagon prepares for passage of FY19 spending bill

Bob Hale, former Department of Defense comptroller and senior executive advisor at Booz Allen Hamilton, discusses the possibility that DoD will be fully funded by the budget deadline, and what the department’s spending priorities will be in 2019.


Appropriations activity on Capitol Hill

Sarah Ferris, budget and appropriations reporter at Politico and David Hawkings, senior editor of CQ Roll Call, discuss the advancement of the Labor, Education and Health & Human Services appropriations bill, and how it could help budget negotiations in September.


Senate Committee advances all 12 FY19 appropriations bills

Sarah Ferris, budget and appropriations reporter at Politico and David Hawkings, senior editor at CQ Roll Call, discuss the state of the appropriations bills making their way through Congress and the success of the ‘mini-bus’ approach.

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