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fleet size

The biggest sticking points in the budget request

Reporters Roxana Tiron and Travis Tritten from Bloomberg Government break down what Congress thinks about the FY21 military budget request, and what that means for future Pentagon plans.


Building up the Navy’s fleet

Bryan McGrath, managing director of the FerryBridge Group, discusses the Navy’s funding priorities, and why boosting their budget is important to U.S. military power.


Navy requests more money for shipbuilding and other priorities

Dov Zakheim, senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, breaks down how funds are divided amongst the military branches, and why the Navy is requesting more to build up the fleet.


The challenges of surface warfare in the Navy

Bryan Clark, senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, discusses the future of surface ships in the Navy, and how the Carrier Strike Group may soon be obsolete.


Proposed cuts to the Navy’s fleet

Daniel Goure, Senior Vice President of the Lexington Institute and Michael O’Hanlon, Senior Fellow & Director of Research for Foreign Policy at Brookings discuss the makeup of the Navy’s fleet, and how development of autonomous systems may impact the 355-ship goal.


Navy goals in fleet size, composition & capability (web version)

In this extended interview, Vice Admiral William Merz, deputy chief of naval operations for warfare systems, discusses driving efficiency in shipbuilding, and highlights some of the Navy’s fleet goals.

Government Matters The Pentagon Beat

The Pentagon Beat

Military Times Capitol Hill bureau chief Leo Shane III and Politico defense reporter Jacqueline Klimas join Francis for this edition of the Pentagon Beat. They discuss President Trump’s announcement of a transgender ban for the military as well as the Navy’s push for a 355-ship fleet.

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