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F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program

The Pentagon Beat

The Pentagon Beat – April 11, 2018

Defense Reporter Tony Capaccio from Bloomberg News and Tony Bertuca, chief editor at Inside the Pentagon, discuss the latest news from the Department of Defense. Topics in this edition include collaboration between DoD and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to defend classified data, the $1.1 trillion cost of the F-35 program, the […]

Government Matters The Pentagon Beat

The Pentagon Beat

Politico defense reporter Jacqueline Klimas and air war reporter Oriana Pawlyk join Francis for this edition of the Pentagon Beat. They discuss President Trump’s push to return the U.S. to the moon, the F-35 program, and legal efforts to ban transgender troops.

Defense Matters with Gen. Larry Spencer

Future of the F-35 Program

Retired Air Force General Larry Spencer, president of the Air Force Association, discusses why the F-35 program is so vital to our nation’s security.

Defense Matters with Patrick Tucker

F-35 software impresses Navy pilots

Defense One technology editor Patrick Tucker on the impression F-35 software is making on Navy pilots.

Government Matters August 7, 2016

Government Matters (Full Show) – August 7, 2016

Sunday on Government Matters: U.S. Air Force Col. Michael “Trey” Rawls, service integration lead for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, discussed a major milestone for the F-35A — initial operational capability. Kay Ely, director of IT schedules programs at the General Services Administration, discussed her agency’s promise for “a better Schedule 70.” Defense One global […]

Defense Matters with Vago Muradian

Air Force: F-35 are combat ready

Vago Muradian, founder and editor of Defense & Aerospace Report, discussed a major milestone for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program.

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