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Dov Zakheim

Defense budget delays lead to frustration in Congress

The Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee Senator Jack Reed says his committee will push back the markup of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to July, which means a calendar year-end timeline for the legislation is likely. Dov Zakheim, former Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) at the Department of Defense, said the delays […]


United States may not be spending more than China on defense, says former Pentagon comptroller

The White House says it will release President Biden’s topline spending request for fiscal year 2022 soon. Some experts expect defense spending to stay flat in coming years. Dov Zakheim, former Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) for the Defense Department, said it is “not clear” to him or his colleague Elaine McCusker that the U.S. […]


The Future of Defense Task Force report

Dov Zakheim, Senior Advisor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, explains what needs to happen to apply a whole-of-government approach to national security


Reevaluating spending priorities at the Department of Defense

Dov Zakheim, Former Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller), discusses how the coronavirus has impacted defense spending, programs that may be cut, and how these cuts should be undertaken


Navy requests more money for shipbuilding and other priorities

Dov Zakheim, senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, breaks down how funds are divided amongst the military branches, and why the Navy is requesting more to build up the fleet.

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