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Higher speed could lead to more protests on defense contracts, says former Defense Department official

The Defense Department has hit a milestone with its Defense Enterprise Office Solutions (DEOS) project. NextGov reports security configuration changes have moved the department closer to allowing direct internet access for web browsers. Other cloud offerings inside the department, however, are hung up in protests. Frank Kendall, Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, […]


Reducing operation and maintenance spending frees up resources in defense budget, says policy analyst

The new budget topline adds about $10 billion for the Pentagon, but experts say the increase will only cover the cost of inflation. Pay increases Congress is likely to mandate mean less buying power next year for the Pentagon than this year. Frederico Bartels, Senior Policy Analyst for Defense Budgeting at The Heritage Foundation, said […]


“Big changes” expected for fiscal 2023 budget

The Biden administration’s topline fiscal 2022 budget request is out and includes $715 billion for the Defense Department. Mackenzie Eaglen, Resident Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, said the administration had limited time for the fiscal 2022 budget and will make more sweeping changes in the fiscal 2023 budget. Eaglen said appropriators and authorizers in […]


Former deputy secretary of defense says artificial intelligence momentum is building

U.S. Northern Command is reviewing the results of a global information dominance exercise that applied artificial intelligence and machine learning. The commander of Northern Command, Gen. Glen VanHerck, says the exercise was a sample of the power of artificial intelligence. Robert Work, Former Deputy Secretary of Defense, said momentum behind artificial intelligence is starting to […]


Removing US troops from Afghanistan would save up to $10 billion per year, defense budget analyst says

President Biden’s new topline budget designates $715 billion for the Defense Department. The proposal would cut the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) fund, created to finance the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The proposal would move the OCO portion of the budget, which has totaled about $69 billion per year, into the base defense budget, explained […]


Joint force readiness reporting still lacking

The Pentagon has a plan to recover readiness, but the Government Accountability Office says the Defense Department can establish better readiness metrics. GAO says readiness varies by domain over the last several years. Diana Maurer, Director of Defense Capabilities and Management Issues at GAO, said domain-based readiness reporting is as important as service-based readiness reporting […]

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Spotlight: Space Force / DoD

The Space Force Spotlight is coming to Government Matters later this month, sponsored by Chenega. Space Force leaders will outline their initiatives and the work they are doing with DoD partners and industry to meet…

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