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Department of Labor

The problem of Inspectors General vacancies

Allison Lerner, vice chair of the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency and Scott Dahl, Chairman of the Integrity Committee at CIGIE, discuss the importance of a robust IG community, and the need to fill vacancies as soon as possible.


CIO Council supports Dept. of Labor’s Tech Day

U.S. Chief Information Officer Suzette Kent discusses what was showcased at the Department of Labor’s Tech Day, and the progress of shared services in government.


Agencies kick off new fiscal year with appropriated money

Government Matters talks with former Department of Labor CFO Jim Taylor and Former Office of Personnel Management CFO Clarence Crawford about what full appropriations means for the agencies that received it.


Practical implications in merging of Education, Labor Departments

Danny Werfel, partner and managing director at the Boston Consulting Group, discusses what needs to be considered in the potential amalgamation of the Labor and Education departments, from agency programs to congressional oversight.

The White House

BREAKING: OMB publishes major government reorganization proposal

The OMB plan includes major changes to several cabinet agencies. For a perspective from reporters and former officials, tune in to Government Matters this Sunday at 10:30a on ABC7.

Government Matters with Chris Lu

What’s ahead for the newly confirmed Deputy Secretary of Labor

Chris Lu, former Deputy Secretary of Labor and senior strategy advisor at FiscalNote, talks with Francis Rose about Deputy Labor Secretary Pat Pizzella’s top priorities, and how he will handle his responsibilities.

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Spotlight: Space Force / DoD

The Space Force Spotlight is coming to Government Matters later this month, sponsored by Chenega. Space Force leaders will outline their initiatives and the work they are doing with DoD partners and industry to meet…

June 2021
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