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Dave Mader

Government leaders tasked with defending “unprecedented” budget proposal

The White House budget request for fiscal 2022 features a $6 trillion spending plan. The topline numbers match the “skinny budget” the White House released in April. Former Defense Comptroller Tina Jonas said the budget request proposes an unprecedented amount of money, and she expects “a lot of days on Capitol Hill” as budget officers […]


Progress on the Chief Financial Officers Act

Christie Johnson, Principal at Deloitte, and Dave Mader, Civilian Sector Chief Strategy Officer at Deloitte, detail the Government Accountability Office’s recommendations for modernizing the Chief Financial Officers Act


Enterprise Risk Management in government

Cynthia Vitters, Managing Director of Risk and Financial Advisory at Deloitte, and Dave Mader, Civilian Sector Chief Strategy Officer at Deloitte, assess the progress agencies have made in using risk management principles and go over five steps for moving forward


Bipartisan Policy Center Oversight Task Force recommendations

Dan Blair and Dave Mader from the Bipartisan Policy Center discuss how government agencies can improve their risk management efforts.


RPA: Powering Government’s Digital Transformation – Part 1

Watch Part 1 of RPA: Powering Government’s Digital Transformation. According to Deloitte, simply automating tasks that computers routinely do could free up nearly 97 million federal working government working hours each year saving $3.3B and those are conservative estimates. Joining Francis Rose will be guests from Deloitte, UiPath, NASA’s Shared Services Center and the Defense Logistics […]

Government Matters Panel

Implementation of the government reorganization plan

An all-star panel of former agency officials and federal workforce experts discuss how OMB’s restructuring plan could be implemented and its impact on government employees.  

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IT Modernization: The Trajectory for Digital Government

Watch on Tuesday, August 3rd at 8:30 and 11:30 PM on WJLA 24/7 News
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