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US-Russia relations in space remain strong despite ongoing war: West Point professor

The United States and Russia created the International Space Station (ISS) and have worked together for decades to keep it in orbit. However, since the start of Russia’s war on Ukraine, that collaboration has become increasingly tense. Despite this, cooperation on the space station has endured, according to Zhanna Malekos Smith, senior associate at the […]


North Korea’s expansion of nuclear capabilities ‘very concerning,’ says policy scholar

While the world watches Russia’s war on Ukraine unfold, North Korea continues to expand its nuclear weapons program and has already launched 13 missile tests this year. Dana Kim, Korea policy scholar in the Korea Chair at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said North Korea is fine tuning its strike capabilities through tests […]

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Bringing war criminals to justice in Ukraine requires three things, says human rights expert

With increasing news of atrocities against civilians in Ukraine, the International Criminal Court (ICC) and other organizations are gathering evidence to bring perpetrators to justice. Marti Flacks, director of the Center for Strategic and International Studies Human Rights Initiative, said prosecutors need three things to hold perpetrators of war crimes accountable: evidence of serious international […]


Russian generals may warn Putin army could ‘break,’ says defense expert

Russia is suffering high casualties and may have lost about 25% of its initial fighting force since the invasion at the end of February. The country is also struggling to provide adequately trained replacements. Mark Cancian, senior adviser in the International Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said Russian generals will […]


Russia is shifting its strategy because it’s losing, says Marine Corps University professor

Russia seems to be shifting its strategy by saying it will withdraw forces from around Ukraine’s capital city Kyiv to focus on the country’s southern and eastern regions. Benjamin Jensen, senior fellow in the International Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and professor at the Marine Corps University School of Advanced […]


Space expert recommends government buy remote sensing capabilities as service

The image resolution of commercial satellites has dramatically improved over the years, making commercial remote sensing capability a more important component of Defense Department and intelligence community needs. Todd Harrison, director of the Aerospace Security Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said the U.S. government should buy as a service when it […]


Russian cyber attack against critical infrastructure unlikely, says technology expert

As Russian military action against Ukraine unfolds and American sanctions are imposed, there are concerns about Russian cyber attacks against the United States. James Lewis, senior vice president and director of the Strategic Technologies Program at CSIS, said a Russian cyber attack against U.S. critical infrastructure, such as the power grid, is unlikely because it […]

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