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Council on Foreign Relations

‘Chaos and disorder’ in Russian military may lead to its defeat, says Council on Foreign Relations fellow

Putin is headed toward defeat in Ukraine, which would affect global stability, according to Liana Fix, fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. There is little likelihood of negotiations between Ukraine and Russia at this point in the war, but they are still possible, according to Fix. Putin is restructuring his military leadership again, showing […]


New video game teaches students about foreign policy and decision making in government

The Council on Foreign Relations has a new, interactive game called “Convene the Council,” which has students assume the role of the president and offers them different foreign policy scenarios. Caroline Netchvolodoff, vice president of education at the Council on Foreign Relations, said the game, intended for middle and high schoolers, helps players understand how […]


United States and allies form pact to combat digital authoritarianism through export controls

The Biden administration is concerned about the rise of digital surveillance by authoritarian regimes and is leading a global effort to clamp down on access to American technology. The effort will create a code of conduct for the U.S. and its allies to coordinate export licensing policies and increase control when technologies are exported from […]


All federal government decision makers must consider climate risk, says former special assistant to the president

The fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic provided a dress rehearsal for confronting the catastrophic risk of climate change. Unlike the disease, however, there is no vaccine to solve climate change. Alice Hill, former special assistant to President Obama and senior director for resilience policy on the National Security Council staff, currently David M. Rubenstein senior […]

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