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Sen. Cardin predicts better spacing and ventilation in federal office spaces after the pandemic

The Department of Agriculture will consider new telework policies that expand employee access to remote work even after the pandemic is over. It’s one of several agencies looking at telework policies in light of the virus, and it could have big implications for how much office space the government needs in the future. Ben Cardin […]


$420,000 bonuses for pilots could save the Air Force money over time

Air Force pilots could have up to 420,000 reasons to stay in the service. The service is raising bonuses to up to $420,000 to pilots who re-up. Larry Spencer (Ret.), 37th Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force, thinks these increases are a good idea and will save money over time because starting over […]


New legislation could benefit over 10 million veterans

The House of Representatives just unanimously passed a new measure to expand the reach of the Department of Veterans Affairs in distributing the coronavirus vaccine. The new VA VACCINE Act would allow some caregivers and all veterans, even those who don’t receive health care through the VA, to receive vaccines through the VA. Congressman Mark […]


PRAC will receive funding to create a Pandemic Analytics Center of Excellence

President Biden just signed the American Rescue Plan Act into law. The Pandemic Response Accountability Committee will oversee implementation of the latest coronavirus relief bill while continuing to try to reduce waste, fraud and abuse in the CARES Act. Michael Horowitz, Chair of the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee, said the biggest challenge in providing data […]


Pandemic relief bill programs could negatively impact employee retention, says PBRB member

The latest pandemic relief bill gives federal employees up to 15 weeks of paid sick leave if they are affected by the virus, need to get a vaccine or are caring for someone who can’t care for themselves or for a child learning virtually. Terry Gerton, President and CEO of NAPA, said this will have […]


TMF operating model may need to be changed, says ADI executive director

Updating legacy IT systems at agencies could soon get easier. The latest coronavirus relief bill will give a $1 billion boost to the Technology Modernization Fund. Matthew Cornelius, Executive Director of the Alliance for Digital Innovation, said that in order to address the many IT and cybersecurity issues that have come to the forefront during […]


PSC president explains importance of Section 3610 authority

The latest coronavirus relief bill extends Section 3610 authority to the end of the fiscal year. The Senate voted 93-6 to approve the amendment, which allows the government to pay contractors who can’t safely access their workplaces. David Berteau, President and CEO of the Professional Services Council, explained that Section 3610 makes it possible to […]

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