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continuing resolution

What CFOs should be thinking about at the start of FY20

Jim Taylor, managing director at Grant Thornton and former CFO at the Department of Labor, discusses the impact of continuing resolutions on government financial professionals, and what the year ahead could hold.

Sarah Ferris

House moves to keep government open ahead of funding deadline

Sarah Ferris, budget and appropriations reporter at Politico, discusses what the next few weeks will hold for budget negotiations, and the possibility of a shutdown happening on December 21.

Government Matters with Claudia Grisales

Congress facing Friday spending deal deadline

Claudia Grisales, congressional reporter at Stars and Stripes, discusses the impending shutdown if Congress misses the deadline to fund the government, and the cost of the F-35 program leveling out.


The Federal Beat: Shutdown Watch

Budget debates dominated the conversation on Capitol Hill this week as lawmakers scrambled to avoid a government shutdown. At the time of this posting, lawmakers had yet to reach a deal and time is short. Federal funding runs out at midnight on Friday. With preparations for furloughs, building closures, and contingency plans for re-opening, the […]

Government Matters with Robert Levinson

Impact of continuing resolution on defense contractors

Robert Levinson, senior defense analyst at Bloomberg Government, discusses the residual impact of the latest continuing resolution on the defense contracting community.


DoD warns Congress about the impact of another CR

Tina Jonas, former chief financial officer at the Department of Defense, explains how another continuing resolution could impact the Pentagon.


How a CR would impact the Air Force

Gen. Larry Spencer (USAF, ret.), president of the Air Force Association, explains how a continuing resolution would affect personnel, acquisitions, modernization and operations at the U.S. Air Force.

Government Matters The Federal Beat

The Federal Beat

Politico budget and appropriations reporter Sarah Ferris, Military Times’ Capitol Hill bureau chief Leo Shane III, and Bloomberg Government legislative analyst Adam Schank joined Francis for this edition of the Federal Beat. They discuss the buzz of budget talk as Congress returns to Washington.

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