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United States must reduce strain on National Guard, says military researcher

The National Guard has been called on to fight wildfires, support Covid-19 missions and deploy overseas. Congress approved last minute funding for $500 million to reimburse the Guard for expenses related to securing the Capitol following the Jan. 6 attack. However, the current path is unsustainable, according to Nathalie Grogan, research assistant for the Military, […]


Veteran faults American military for building “house of cards” in Afghanistan

Afghanistan fell to the Taliban in days. That’s after the United States spent $83 billion on training and equipping the military and police forces. Jason Dempsey, veteran of the War in Afghanistan and adjunct senior fellow for the Military, Veterans and Society Program at the Center for a New American Security, said the training of […]


Defense Department should prioritize future modernization over current capacity, says defense strategy expert

Updating the National Defense Strategy is underway for the Biden administration in the fiscal 2022 budget request. The White House wants to focus on modernizing military capabilities through “leading first with diplomacy.” Stacie Pettyjohn, senior fellow and director in the Defense Program at the Center for a New American Security, said she and her colleagues […]


Three elements of Army’s iron triangle equally critical for United States, says defense analyst

The Senate Armed Services Committee wants to give the Pentagon a $740 billion defense budget. The committee is proposing spending more on Army combat vehicles. Billy Fabian, adjunct senior fellow for the Defense Program at the Center for a New American Security and senior analyst at Govini, said it is reasonable for the Army to […]


Artifical intelligence arms race does not exist, says vice president of Center for a New American Security

The Pentagon has more than 600 artifical intelligence projects underway, but that does not necessarily signal a race for AI as a part of Great Power Competition (a strategic approach towards adversaries that includes renewed emphasis on nuclear deterrence and stronger NATO and Indo-Pacific military capabilities). Paul Scharre, former special assistant to the under secretary […]


United States must reach consensus on specifics of threat from China, says defense strategy expert

Navy secretary nominee Carlos Del Toro says he’s on board with maintaining the Navy’s 355-ship fleet goal. He told the Senate Armed Services Committee Tuesday that goal requires more money from Congress over the next several years. Chris Dougherty, former strategic advisor in the Defense Department and now senior fellow in the Defense Program at […]


Early-career investment in personnel strengthens military leadership decades later

The Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness has a new nominee. If the Senate confirms him, former California congressman and Navy veteran Gil Cisneros will face issues of building and maintaining human capital efforts in the department. Katherine Kuzminski, senior fellow and program director of the Military, Veterans and Society […]

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