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Much of cybersecurity EO will be direct response to SolarWinds and Exchange breaches, says Venable exec

The latest coronavirus relief bill includes about $650 million for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. Some of that money will go toward helping the federal government recover from major cyber breaches. Ari Schwartz, Managing Director of Cybersecurity Services at Venable, said major areas he thinks this money will go towards at CISA are speeding […]


Insufficient defense budget will lead to high-stakes readiness crisis, warns CMPP senior director

The Army has a field manual in the works for its multi-domain operations warfighting concept. That new doctrine should be out in summer of next year and will be top of mind for Army Futures Command. Bradley Bowman, Senior Director for the Center on Military and Political Power at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, […]


You can’t divorce climate change from national security, says IMCCS director

The Defense Department is at work now on a comprehensive climate risk analysis. The directive comes from an executive order President Biden signed that calls for a full report by the end of May. Climate change is as important as China in its impact on national security, and there is bipartisan support for addressing it, […]


Bill Greenwalt: “Legacy Soviet” budget process needs analysis and reform

The Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Adam Smith says he will make how the Defense Department spends its money the focus of his committee’s oversight in addition to what the department buys. It’s the latest effort to connect budget and policy in the acquisition process. Former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Industrial […]


Unclear whether new DoD ethics code of conduct is response to Jan. 6 riot

Defense Department personnel, both civilian and uniformed, have a new ethics code of conduct. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin writes the code comports with President Biden’s efforts to restore trust in government. Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Roger Zakheim said it is unclear whether this is a direct response to the Jan. 6 riot. He […]


Seth Cropsey: Hypersonic missiles critical for countering China’s A2/AD strategy

Seth Cropsey, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, discusses the benefits of hypersonic capabilities


Avoiding a “Space Pearl Harbor”

Bradley Bowman, Senior Director for the Center on Military and Political Power at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, discusses the necessity of resilient space infrastructure to counter the threat of anti-satellite capabilities from our adversaries

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