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Climate change expert advises government to encourage preparation

The president has called climate change an emergency and vowed to take bold steps to fight it. Alice Hill, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and former senior director for resilience policy at the U.S. National Security Council, says that in addition to mitigation measures, taking steps to prepare for and adapt to […]


Status of monkeypox testing in US ‘is very much a concern’: Global health expert

The White House plans to distribute more than one million monkeypox vaccine doses in the next few months. Public health experts are looking to the worldwide coronavirus response as a guide for what not to do this time around. Thomas Bollyky, director of the global health program at the Council on Foreign Relations, said the […]


Will the president’s Saudi Arabia trip help reduce gas prices?

The White House announced President Biden will be traveling to Saudi Arabia in a few weeks. With gas prices near record levels, the president is looking for the Saudis to pump more oil. Saudi Arabia can produce oil at a high capacity but also uses a lot, and there are varying opinions about whether the […]


Vaccine reluctance in military largely not political, says Council on Foreign Relations fellow

A large majority of military service members have received the Covid-19 vaccine after a department-wide mandate, but some members are still hesitant to get the shot. Col. Douglas Jackson (USAF), military fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, said decisions among service members not to receive the vaccine are mostly for personal, not political, reasons […]

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