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Celero Strategies

Minimum wage executive order could have major mission budget implications, says Celero Strategies president

Contractors are facing a January 2022 deadline to start paying their employees at least $15 per hour. An executive order from the Biden administration requires that pay raise for federal contractors and subcontractors. Stan Soloway, former deputy under secretary of defense for acquisition reform, now president and chief executive officer of Celero Strategies, said the […]


Strong data drives economic equity, says Celero Strategies president

The Biden administration has set a small business contracting goal for 15% of the money to go to Small Disadvantaged Businesses, and the Office of Management and Budget recently put out a request for information to generate ideas to address economic disparity. Stan Soloway, President and Chief Executive Officer of Celero Strategies, LLC, said the […]


New leadership could accelerate digital transformation in acquisition

The Defense Digital Service is overseeing a pilot project that frees up more than 175 million internet addresses, the latest example of how the Defense Department is relying on its digital arm for a variety of operations. Stan Soloway, former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition Reform, said the Biden administration’s nomination of Mike […]


Raising the minimum wage for federal contractors

Stan Soloway, President and CEO of Celero Strategies, LLC, discusses the executive order raising the minimum wage for federal contractors, the Buy American EO and other EOs


Top management priorities for the Biden administration

Stan Soloway, President and CEO of Celero Strategies, LLC, discusses what to expect from the next President’s Management Agenda


The CARES Act and reimbursements for contractors

Stan Soloway, President and CEO of Celero Strategies, LLC, explains the potential issue of inconsistencies and different interpretations of the CARES Act


How contractors and agencies can work together in coronavirus response

Stan Soloway, President and CEO at Celero Strategies, discusses the most important things contractors and agencies should keep in mind when responding to the coronavirus pandemic

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