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Brookings Institution

Is the US ‘overhyping’ Chinese threat?

The Pentagon just released its annual report on Chinese military power and the threat it poses to the U.S. Michael O’Hanlon, senior fellow and director of research at the Brookings Institution said China is a threat to the U.S., but he does not know that China is trying to overturn the world order the way […]


Closing the digital divide

Nicol Turner Lee, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, discusses the digital divide and funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law for high-speed broadband


Impossible to tell if US could defend Taiwan from China, says research director

President Biden has said that if China attacks Taiwan, the United States would defend Taiwan militarily, but given China’s intense armed forces modernization, would that be possible? Michael O’Hanlon, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, said he does not think it is possible to predict whether the United States would win against China when defending […]


Biden signs bill to allow arms lending to Ukraine

President Biden has signed a new bill to allow arms lending to Ukraine. The Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act of 2022 has escalated U.S. involvement in the Russia-Ukraine war. The bill aims to enable the U.S. to provide Ukraine with as much as possible, including more sophisticated weaponry, said Angela Stent, nonresident senior fellow at […]


US has ‘a real opportunity’ to distance China from Russia, says federal executive fellow

Another casualty of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is collaboration among Arctic states. The Arctic Council, which includes Russia and seven other Arctic states, has suspended operations because of the war. However, because China has interest in the Arctic, this presents the United States with an opportunity to distance China from Russia. CDR Jeremy Greenwood, federal […]


Not much US can do about North Korea threat, says research expert

While the world’s attention has been focused elsewhere, North Korea remains a threat, and it’s not going away by itself. In the month of January alone, the country conducted seven ballistic missile tests. Andrew Yeo, senior fellow and SK-Korea Foundation Chair in the Center for East Asia Policy Studies at the Brookings Institution, and professor […]


“Make the PRAC permanent,” advises former inspector general

The federal government has spent over $3.5 trillion in response to the Covid-19 pandemic to date, according to Some waste, fraud and abuse is inevitable in all large government expenditure programs. Lessons learned from the pandemic spending can be used to deter waste, fraud and abuse in future programs like the infrastructure law to […]


Government must fix radio altimeters to address 5G concerns, says former FCC chairman

As AT&T and Verizon continue to roll out their 5G wireless technology, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and airlines have raised concerns over the C-band spectrum interfering with radio altimeters used in automated aircraft landings. Tom Wheeler, visiting fellow for governance studies at the Brookings Institution and former Federal Communications Commission chairman, said companies have […]

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