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Using AI to decide if work is “inherently governmental”

Jose Arrieta, chief information officer at the Department of Health and Human Services, details how HHS will use technology to review data and produce insight within their workforce.


New blockchain possibilities at the Department of Health and Human Services

Oki Mek, chief technology officer at the HHS Acquisition Division, and Todd Simpson, chief product officer at HHS, discuss the new Accelerate procurement portal, and how the agency plans to use blockchain in future tech projects.


HHS obtains first blockchain ATO in federal government

Jose Arrieta, associate deputy assistant secretary of acquisition at HHS, Oki Mek, chief product officer at the Division of Acquisition at HHS, and Michael McFarland, director of the Office of Acquisition Business Systems at HHS, discuss the government’s first blockchain authority to operate, and what it means for the department’s acquisition workforce.  

Government Matters Cutting edge tech at the Bureau of the Fiscal Service

Cutting edge tech at the Bureau of the Fiscal Service

The Bureau of the Fiscal Service is researching how new technologies can aid their mission. In this Quick Cut, Colby Hochmuth explains how the agency is leveraging Robotic Process Automation and blockchain to promote high value work and improve asset management.


Gartner releases its Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends

Katell Thielemann, research vice president at Gartner, discusses the tech trends that the government could pursue in the future, and how strategies could change due to renewed oversight.

John Hill

Treasury’s Bureau of Fiscal Service tackles cross-agency priority goals

John Hill, director at the Office of Financial Innovation & Transformation in the Bureau of Fiscal Service, discusses using technology to achieve cross agency priority goals, and how the office’s experiments with blockchain and automation are progressing.

Government Matters with Michael Curtis

GrantSolutions executive director lays out top priorities.

Michael Curtis, executive director of GrantSolutions, discusses the value of machine learning in information and grant management, and his goals for helping people through new technologies.

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