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Bill Greenwalt

Declining defense purchasing power puts United States at disadvantage, says former Defense Department official

The Pentagon gets $700 billion per year to spend across all Defense Department (DoD) programs. But the DoD’s purchasing power within that budget is declining, according to Bill Greenwalt, visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and former deputy under secretary of defense for industrial policy. Greenwalt said the reduction in purchasing power is problematic […]


Incoming Pentagon officials advised to “focus on three things” before starting

Three Biden administration nominees are closer to taking their seats in the Pentagon after a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing Tuesday: Susanna Blume for director of cost assessment and program evaluation (CAPE), Heidi Shyu for under secretary of defense for research and engineering and Frank Kendall for Air Force secretary. Bill Greenwalt, former Deputy Under […]


Bill Greenwalt: “Legacy Soviet” budget process needs analysis and reform

The Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Adam Smith says he will make how the Defense Department spends its money the focus of his committee’s oversight in addition to what the department buys. It’s the latest effort to connect budget and policy in the acquisition process. Former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Industrial […]


Impact of using the Defense Production Act for vaccine distribution

Bill Greenwalt, Visiting Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, analyzes the implications of invoking the DPA on agencies and companies


The future of defense appropriations

Bill Greenwalt, Visiting Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, discusses defense appropriations as well as defense management reform


Updates on the Defense Production Act and COVID-19

Bill Greenwalt, Visiting Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, explains why the government could face problems working to procure items through the DPA as quickly as it is


The National Defense Strategy and defense budgets

Bill Greenwalt, Senior Fellow at the Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security at the Atlantic Council, discusses a new report about the impact of the National Defense Strategy on the defense budget, and the likelihood of budget increases

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