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Atlantic Council

US government should prioritize cybersecurity of undersea communication cables, says internet security expert

There are over 800,000 miles of communication cables lining the sea floor and circling continents. Around 95% of global internet traffic flows through those undersea cables. Justin Sherman, nonresident fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative, says it’s time the U.S. government got serious about ensuring the security and resiliency of those cables. Sherman […]


Climate consultant recommends Defense Department use smart technology to strengthen military bases

Climate change is affecting U.S. military bases, damaging them with floods and other natural disasters. The increasing frequency of these events could lead to major consequences for the United States’ armed forces. Kiran Jivnani, consultant with the GeoTech Center at the Atlantic Council, said the military is already focusing on preventative measures to secure vulnerable […]


Navy needs thorough evaluation to ensure readiness, says top strategic advisor

The nominee for Navy secretary, Carlos del Toro, faces two big questions if the Senate confirms him. A Surface Navy investigation 11 years ago and the investigation after two collisions in 2017 ask the same questions House and Senate Armed Services Committee members are asking today. Harlan Ullman, chair at the Killowen Group, senior advisor […]


More discussion on unexpected national security threats is critical, says strategy expert

The latest assessment from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence anticipates the threat of disruptive technologies. It also finds the COVID-19 pandemic will generate aftershocks for years. Barry Pavel, Senior Vice President and Founding Director of the Scowcroft Center at the Atlantic Council, said the assessment is good but lacks enough detail on […]


U.S. adversaries are waging war disguised as peace, argues foreign policy expert

The F-35 program is taking fire from Congress. The Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Adam Smith says the Defense Department should “cut its losses on the plane and look at other platforms.” The program is an example of what’s wrong with weapons buying, according to Sean McFate, Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council. […]


Erica Borghard: U.S. should reassess level of reliance on coercion strategies

The State Department under the Trump administration emphasized the need for deterrence against Iran, but one expert says the strategy is better described as coercion. Erica Borghard, Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council, said the distinction is important, because how we communicate strategy affects its likelihood of success. She said we should reassess the extent […]


Anticipating the next National Defense Strategy

Clementine Starling, Deputy Director of Forward Defense and Resident Fellow at the Atlantic Council, discusses her piece on regaining an advantage over competitors in the next NDS

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