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Artificial Intelligence

U.S. neither prepared nor resourced for competition in artificial intelligence, warns NSCAI member

The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence warns if current trends continue, China could surpass the United States as the world’s leader in AI in the next decade. The commission has new recommendations for Congress for defending the country with technology and promoting U.S. innovation in artificial intelligence. Katharina McFarland, former Assistant Secretary of Defense […]


Former acting DoD comptroller: “AI will be in everything”

The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence has new recommendations for applying AI to defense. The commission says the most compelling reason to accelerate AI is that machine analysis is more likely to anticipate the next attack. Elaine McCusker, former Acting Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller), provided three takeaways from the recommendations: AI will be […]


Securing the digital workforce across government

Alex Cohen, Director of Emerging Technologies at the Office of Government Wide Policy at GSA, defines digital workers and goes over new guidance from GSA on using these tools safely


AI policy among important issues for Biden administration to address

Sharon Hays, Chief Technology Officer at LMI, discusses AI priorities, chief artificial intelligence officers at agencies, AI regulation and tools that can help the administration in this area


Protecting teleworking feds from cyber threats

Jim Richberg, Public Sector Field Chief Information Security Officer at Fortinet, discusses cyber threats on the horizon for 2021 and ways to defend against them


The role of the Joint AI Center of Excellence

Robert Work, Former Deputy Secretary of Defense, explains how GSA’s Centers of Excellence program helped the JAIC accelerate IT modernization in the Defense Department


Viewing AI as an intelligence rather than a technology

Bryan Clark, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, explains why thinking of AI as a technique rather than a technology will help it transition faster into military systems

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