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Angela Styles

Procurement workforce critical for implementing administration priorities, say former acquisition officials

President Biden plans to nominate Biniam Gebre to lead the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP). If the Senate confirms him, Gebre would face challenges running the OFPP, such as hiring more acquisition professionals and making it easier to buy cutting edge technologies. Angela Styles, former administrator of federal procurement policy, now partner at Akin […]


Pandemic relief bill programs could negatively impact employee retention, says PBRB member

The latest pandemic relief bill gives federal employees up to 15 weeks of paid sick leave if they are affected by the virus, need to get a vaccine or are caring for someone who can’t care for themselves or for a child learning virtually. Terry Gerton, President and CEO of NAPA, said this will have […]


GSA’s role in federal procurement

Angela Styles, Partner at Akin Gump, discusses collaboration between GSA and the Defense Department as well as new basic cyber assessments at the Pentagon

Angela Styles interviewing with Francis Rose

Government should look at federal real estate differently, says PBRB member

Angela Styles, Partner at Akin Gump, discusses how the federal government should be rethinking real estate footprint amidst the pandemic


The latest from the Public Buildings Reform Board

Angela Styles and Adam Bodner from the Public Buildings Reform Board detail their new list of federal properties to downsize, and how eliminating some buildings can give back to the community.


Priorities for the newly established Public Buildings Reform Board

Angela Styles, partner at Akin Gump, and former Rep. Nick Rahall discuss the first meeting of the Public Buildings Reform Board, and how what their mission will impact federal real estate across the country.


Suggested first priorities for new OFPP administrator once confirmed

Former Office of Federal Procurement Policy Administrators Angela Styles and Joe Jordan discuss the nomination of Michael Wooten to the role, and what he should focus on if confirmed.

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