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Declining defense purchasing power puts United States at disadvantage, says former Defense Department official

The Pentagon gets $700 billion per year to spend across all Defense Department (DoD) programs. But the DoD’s purchasing power within that budget is declining, according to Bill Greenwalt, visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and former deputy under secretary of defense for industrial policy. Greenwalt said the reduction in purchasing power is problematic […]


Retired Army officer says laser weapons could significantly impact future warfare

The Army is working on a laser prototype that can take down drones in mid-air. The service plans to field four laser-equipped combat vehicles in fiscal year 2022. Maj. Gen. John Ferrari (U.S. Army ret.), senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and former director of program analysis and evaluation for the Army, said this […]


United States should not create a military cyber force, says cybersecurity researcher

The U.S. Cyber Command aims to coordinate cyber planning and operations. An entire new military service for cyberspace, however, would just create more bureaucracy, according to Jason Blessing, Jeane Kirkpatrick Visiting Research Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. While an independent cyber service has benefits and Cyber Command has limitations, Blessing argued, a cyber force […]


United States has failed to accomplish key priorities in Asia, says foreign policy expert

The Pivot to Asia plan from the Obama administration turns 10 years old next month. The plan aims to expand economic potential, advance democracy and create a military presence in the Asia-Pacific region. However, the United States has fallen short, according to Zack Cooper, senior fellow for foreign and defense policy at the American Enterprise […]


Budget expert expects balanced approach from Congress for defense workforce numbers

The National Defense Authorization Act calls for spending $777 billion for defense for fiscal 2022. That topline number is $37 billion more than the budget for this fiscal year. Mackenzie Eaglen, former principal defense adviser to Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), now resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, said the Biden administration has proposed growing […]


Navy could field innovative technology into fleet within four years, says former Army major general

The Navy’s current budget situation does not allow for room to grow to 355 ships, according to Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Michael Gilday, but the total number of ships in the fleet may be the wrong measure. Gen. John Ferrari (U.S. Army, ret.), visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and former director of […]


Defense research expert discusses the future of the defense budget request

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and other leaders are pushing Congress to allocate more money for research, development and technology, but those leaders got lots of questions from authorizers this week about what they want to get rid of to pay for those investments. Mackenzie Eaglen, resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, said Congress is […]


Former Defense comptroller says she’s concerned about a proposed cut to Army systems, aircraft

The Biden administration’s budget request for the Defense Department for fiscal 2022 includes a desire for big changes at all the services. The services all have plans to get rid of older systems and direct the money to more modern systems. Former Acting Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) Elaine McCusker said the budget request shows […]

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