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Federal contract spending on Small Disadvantaged Businesses has outperformed goal in recent years

The Small Business Administration is taking steps to make sure agencies hit the White House’s equity goals. President Biden says he wants to increase the percentage of federal contracting dollars spent on Small Disadvantaged Businesses. Joe Jordan, chief executive officer of Actuparo and former administrator of federal procurement policy, said a little over 10% of […]


Nontraditional outcome possible in Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure procurement

The Defense Department isn’t giving up on the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) cloud computing contract. It writes in a new court filing that its defense of the contract could take several more months. Joe Jordan, Chief Executive Officer of Actuparo, said “everything is on the table” and he could see a solution where the […]


Incentives necessary for acquisition speed and innovation, says Actuparo executive

Acquisition teams across government are examining the methods they used to get what they needed quickly during the pandemic. The task is to apply the speed the pandemic drove to everyday acquisitions when there is no pandemic. Former Administrator of Federal Procurement Policy Joe Jordan said the government must better incentivize acquisition professionals to move […]


The Pentagon’s options for the JEDI contract

Joe Jordan, CEO of Actuparo, discusses the JEDI cloud contract, possible scenarios for moving forward and the expected timeline

Joe Jordan

What to watch with government protests in 2021

Joe Jordan, CEO at Actuparo, discusses why companies protest contract awards and what he will be watching in 2021 in this space


The new diversity and inclusion training executive order and contractors

Joe Jordan, CEO at Actuparo, discusses what contractors can expect regarding implementation of the diversity and inclusion training executive order


GSA aims for a quick turnaround on the STARS III contract

Joe Jordan, CEO of Actuparo, provides updates on the STARS III multiple awards contract

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