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Meroe Park, executive vice president of the Partnership for Public Service, and Zac Trojak, public sector principal at Medallia, discuss why agencies should look at improving experience for both their internal and external customers.

The President’s Management Agenda requires agencies to improve customer experience for the individuals they interact with. However, customers aren’t just citizens Meroe Park, Executive Vice President, Partnership for Public Service, says that managers should be proactive in researching customer needs.


“What are those customers experiencing? You might know that it is not going as well as you would like it to, that the satisfaction is not high. But unless you are proactive and go ask, you’re not going to know,” Park said. “Those who were successful at this go out, they interview leaders in those other elements, they talk to employees, they really solicit what’s going on under the surface that’s creating that sense of dissatisfaction.”

Zac Trojak, public sector principal at Medallia, says that the road to better services involves making big changes.


“It’s understanding, what are those areas that are having an overall impact? What is challenging our employees to provide better services, in the meantime having the trickle-down impact on the other customers?” Trojak said. “One of the big learnings that has come out of this is the idea that we have to have our own internal houses cleaned up first. How are we going to be expected to deliver exceptional customer experience to citizens or constituents if we can’t have our own employees receiving the same quality of services on the inside.”

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