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Tim Olson, associate director for field operations at the Census Bureau, discusses the start of the census in remote areas, and how Alaska is a tricky environment for the agency to tackle.

For most Americans, the 2020 census will begin sometime in March. However, the tally starts now for those in remote areas of Alaska. Tim Olson, associate director for field operations at the Census Bureau, says that it’s important everyone is counted.


“In rural Alaska, we are going to every village to conduct the enumeration, we started today at Toksook Bay, which is on the Bering Sea, we will work our way through the entire area of rural Alaska starting today through the month of April.” Olson said. “For the rest of the country, including the urbanized parts of Alaska… everybody is back on the regular schedule.The middle of March is when people will receive their invitations to self-respond to the census. They can do it online, over the phone, or in paper form. They can do it in up to 13 languages, and it is so important that people respond and include everybody living in their household. “

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