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Mika Cross, Federal Workplace Expert at FlexJobs, discusses the Social Security Administration eliminating the telework option for some employees, the impact it could have on the future of telework in government.

The Social Security Administration took steps to reduce the number of employees at their agency who can telework. 12,000 employees in SSA’s operations office have two weeks to find alternatives to their telework hours. While this move makes SSA one of the first agencies to dial back these policies, Mika Cross, federal workplace expert at FlexJobs, says that there are benefits to telework beyond what managers can directly see.

“The SSA cited in their own report to the Office of Personnel Management, just last year. That in FY17, so this is their federal report on the state of telework that goes through OPM to Congress, that they saved $900,000 in one year alone; attributed in real-estate costs for telework,” said Cross. “So, think about the implications to, you know, transit subsidies, utility cost, retention, recruitment, and productivity and performance, if you’re not bringing them back in an orchestrated way that makes sense based on the mission.”

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