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The Army will conduct its first hypersonic test toward the end of this fiscal year, and the Army believes it will have live rounds on the missiles by the fall of 2023.

  • Seth Cropsey, Former Deputy Undersecretary of the Navy, explained that hypersonic missiles are important for circumventing China’s anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) strategy, which is to keep American Naval platforms at a distance of at least 1,000 miles from the Chinese mainland, which would disrupt our ability to project power in the South China Sea and communicate with allies.
  • Cropsey said the extreme speed and range of hypersonic missiles make it extremely difficult to execute the A2/AD strategy, which is China’s “clear intent” based on the increasing size of its missile arsenal and other signals.
  • It is not yet clear whether the Biden administration thinks hypersonics deserve significant investment as offensive weapons at the theater level, according to Cropsey.
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