RSA Securing the Federal Mission


Sponsored: Cyber attacks on the federal government. How will security evolve? Steve Schmalz, Federal CTO for RSA discusses the issues facing cyber professionals in the federal marketplace.

Mr. Schmalz will discuss:

  • Threat Recognition
  • Value of I.T. Protection
  • Mission and Business Driven Security
  • Security Controls and Compliance


StevenSchmalz_highresAs the CTO of RSA’s Federal practice, Mr. Schmalz assists organizations in understanding their security architecture needs and helps develop solutions that help protect their critical infrastructure. Mr. Schmalz has a long and distinguished tenure working for the National Security Agency as a cryptographic mathematician.

Mr. Schmalz is a highly sought-out speaker on critical IT security topics ranging from standards compliance to cryptography. In addition to his work with RSA, Mr. Schmalz serves several IT security standards bodies in leadership roles.

He received an undergraduate degree from Columbus University and a Masters degree in applied mathematics from Southern Methodist University.