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Outgoing Federal Acquisition Service Commissioner Alan Thomas reflects on his time in the position, and discusses his successes in an exclusive interview with Government Matters.

The General Services Administration completed their consolidation of the agency’s numerous acquisition schedules into one. The architect of the plan, Federal Acquisition Service Commissioner Alan Thomas, is leaving his post after the project’s completion. He told Government Matters that his focus on the people of FAS helped the office achieve success.


“I put a real focus on people, getting to know people, listening to people when i first got there. We started to measure people, though. People had 18-20 metrics in their plans and we focused on five or six key metrics. We really got people to focus on what I call enterprise metrics. Things that we can create shared success together,” Thomas said. “That drove a real change in behavior. Morale is significantly up when you talk to the executive team and on down in the organization. And you are seeing that in the results. My tagline is, ‘if you take care of the people, they will take of the customers and the results will take care of themselves.’”

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February 2021
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