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TMF Board ready to scale; FedRAMP shrinking turnaround time

A possible cash infusion for the Technology Modernization Fund could generate as much as $9 billion in new money for the Fund’s Board to allocate throughout the executive branch. One member of that board says the members are ready to add more projects to the 10 already awarded.

“If agencies have proposals that meet the criteria for the TMF funding, send them our way,” board member David Shive, the Chief Information Officer at the General Services Administration, told “Government Matters.” “We are actively seeking new engagements. For the mechanics of the board, we’re fully-staffed. We have all [the] people that we need regarding voting members, and support to help us analyze the value of programs, and we are open for business. So send your stuff our way.”

Shive says the board’s approval process has evolved. “In classic GSA and federal government fashion, we started doing it one way, and then we’ve iterated to better outcomes,” Shive said. “We streamlined the process. The value proposition remains the same: we do ROI analysis, but it’s not just focused on financial ROI.”

The board, Shive told Government Matters, judges proposals on a series of questions. “Are the programs geared towards mission enablement? Are they doing it with modern delivery methods and stepping away from legacy delivery methods that had dubious results? Is the thing that an agency wants to do able to scale across government? If agencies are delivering something specifically for the agency, can they generate a playbook that the rest of government can follow to get good outcomes?”

Shive also serves on the Joint Authorization Board for FedRAMP. “It’s something that we’re eminently proud of, and I don’t just mean at GSA. I mean across the larger federal IT community. They’ve taken authorizations that used to take 12 to 18 months for JAB authorization. The average is now down to 4.8 months to do that.”

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