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William Cahoe, 10x project coordinator at the General Services Administration, discusses the small scale tech investments that his office is developing, and why private sector best practices could work in government.

The General Services Administration wants to solve problems through technology, and their 10x office is on the vanguard. Last year, the group pursued 50 projects across the executive branch, from reducing duplication at the National Science Foundation to establishing federated data that scales across departments. William Cahoe, 10x project coordinator at the General Services Administration says that starting small and building big allows them to focus on successful projects.


“We invest in and build new, good for government digital products and services. The mission is pretty simple. There’s a lot of areas around the government that are doing this same kind of thing, but there are a few things that make 10x very unique. One is that we are committed to bringing in private sector venture capital best practices into the government to see if they function well in a bureaucracy,” Cahoe said. “In addition, we believe in funding a lot of projects at a small level with the knowledge that not all of them are going to work out. We sort of have one egg in every basket.”

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