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Hundreds of presidentially nominated, Senate-confirmed positions remain vacant to date. The vacancies in the Pentagon can adversely affect the execution of long-term national defense strategy, according to Col. Wesley Hallman (USAF ret.), senior vice president of strategy and policy at the National Defense Industrial Association.

  • Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) had put a hold, which she has since lifted, on some top defense positions earlier this year out of concern for the “revolving door” of leadership flowing between government and industry, but Hallman said data do not show this is a major problem impeding national security.
  • Hallman said extending the time requirement between government and industry positions in certain cases would be “excessive” and disadvantageous and would disincentivize service to the country.
  • Hallman said 22 out of 61 presidentially nominated, Senate-confirmed Pentagon positions do not have nominees.
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