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David Berry, inspector general at NLRB, discusses issues with the agency’s DATA act submission, and ways to remove error from the process.

Under the DATA Act, federal agencies need to submit their spending data for justification and review. Agencies have their own challenges with the data, but according to a recent IG report, the National Labor Relations Board is having particular issues. David Berry, inspector general at NLRB, says the agency’s current methodology introduces error into the process.

“We found material error in the data, which could mislead individuals who were attempting to use the data for whatever purposes they needed,” Berry said. “We have two systems. The data is entered into a government-wide system and then we have an NLRB system that we use to do the procurement actions and record the financial information through our shared service provider. There’s no common link. The data doesn’t transfer automatically, so that creates room for additional error. They don’t have sufficient controls to make sure that the data being manually entered into the government-wide system… is accurate, complete and timely.”

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