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John Koskinen, former IRS commissioner, discusses the latest IRS reform bill, and what about it has widespread appeal in Congress.

The Internal Revenue Service has support from Congress, as a bill implementing reforms and appropriations for the agency passed the House via voice vote. If all goes well, the same may happen in the Senate.  John Koskinen, former IRS commissioner, says that the widespread support of the legislation is wonderful.


“It codifies and recognizes the progress the IRS has already made and the direction that it’s going. The fact that the Congress and the agency are beginning to come together on what the next 4-6 years of IT modernization involves… I think is a very significant step forward,” Koskinen said. “The Ways and Means Committee deserves a lot of credit for how they looked at the background needs. They did this without a lot of public hearings and arguments back and forth. They had private meetings with leaders of the IRS and outside experts talking about what do we really need to do to help the IRS, to help it go forward.”



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