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Debra Draper, director of Health Care Issues at GAO, discusses recommendations for VA’s SAIL system, and the correct use of data

When the Department of Veterans Affairs implemented their SAIL system to monitor medical care and administration. However, a new Government Accountability Office report says that the Department isn’t heeding recommendations to improve the system. Debra Draper, director of Health Care Issues at GAO, says that two evaluations produced some interesting results.


“Those evaluations came up with 40 recommendations related to the system. A couple of things that we heard from the field is that the system may not accurately or reliably come up with, or use the data in a way that accurately reflects the star ratings.” Draper said. “There was concern about that. There was another concern about the system. Initially it was designed to be a performance improvement tool. What we’ve heard is that it has now evolved into a performance accountability system, they are really two different things. One of the recommendations related in those evaluations were that it can’t be both. You need to decide which way it is.”

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