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Rep. Rob Wittman (R-Virginia) discusses the leadership shakeup at the Defense Department and what it means for congressional business on the Armed Services Committee.

The search is on for a new Secretary of Defense nominee after Acting Secretary Shanahan withdrew and resigned from the Pentagon. As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, Representative Rob Wittman (R-Virginia) is paying close attention to this week’s proceedings. Wittman told Government Matters that he believes Acting Secretary Mark Esper would be a logical choice for the next DoD chief.

“I think he brings the right qualities to the table to serve in that capacity. I hope that the administration quickly nominates a permanent replacement and that the Senate can can quickly confirm the individual, especially with all of the things going on around the world today. We’re in the middle of the deliberations by both the House and Senate on the National Defense Authorization Act, the appropriations bills. Having a permanent Secretary of Defense in place is absolutely critical. I’m hopeful that gets done.”

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