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Reggie Brothers, executive vice president & chief technology officer at Peraton, discusses what the new NDAA might say about tech acquisition, and the future of defense contracting.

The House Armed Services Committee will begin work on the National Defense Authorization act after the Memorial Day recess. Ranking Member Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-TX) made his recommendations for the bill, including changes to the Pentagon acquisition process. Reggie Brothers, executive vice president & chief technology officer at Peraton, says that the growing role of high-tech solutions in national security requires these kinds of changes.


“So much technology that’s used for national security is commercial these days. Therefore, everyone has access to it. The department needs to get access to it just like everyone else does. Because of contractual issues, it can be difficult to do that. A lot of these companies don’t have CAS-compliant accounting systems, so that’s why you have OTAs… he’s proposing opening that up to these kinds of companies,” Brothers said. “I don’t think competition is a bad thing. One of the challenges you run into though is the transition issue, in order to actually put these technologies into use, there have to be transitions, and no kidding, acquisition programs. That’s where you start running into problems.”

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