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In this two-part interview, Douglas Glenn, assistant deputy chief financial officer at the Department of Defense, outlines takeaways from the Defense Department audit, and how last year’s data will improve this year’s findings

The Department of Defense is looking at results from their 2018 audit while they plan for the next. Congressional leaders hope that the 2019 audit will show progress in how the Department accounts for the money they receive. Douglas Glenn, assistant deputy chief financial officer at the Department of Defense, says that the he hopes the audit will have completely clean opinions in the near future.


“If the auditors were sitting here, they wouldn’t give you a timeline. The benchmark I use is the Department of Homeland Security. When it first came together it took 10 years for them to reach a clean opinion. They had 18 material weaknesses, we have 20,” Glenn said. “I think we will beat that 10-year mark, and I’m very optimistic we will see the clean opinion in my career, which is a big step forward.”


Glenn tells Government Matters that the data collected by the 2018 audit will improve sustainability at the Pentagon.


“We’re putting the data out there and leveraging that competition, that will drive things. It’s almost a data revolution,” Glenn said. “As we look at the data, we realize there are new insights and new capabilities with this information that will help us meet our mission. It’s selling itself. The genie’s out of the bottle.”

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