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Brig. Gen. Gregory Touhill (Ret.), president of Cyxtera Federal Group, discusses the tactical challenge of persistent cybersecurity threats, and how to prepare for this kind of attack.

The pacing threat of cyberattacks against the government is the subject of a new report. A China-based group of hackers targeted governments across southeast Asia, and these same tactics could be deployed against any government. Brig. Gen. Gregory Touhill (Ret.), president of Cyxtera Federal Group, says it’s important to keep tabs on threats.

“This report is another double tap on that alarm bell. Every department and agency, every company, the defense industrial base ought to be taking a look at reports like this, to make sure they are not only putting the right procedures in place and pairing it with the right technology,” Touhill said. “Technology alone isn’t going to solve this problem. As a cyber operator I am going to attack people, process and technology, based upon where I think the weakest link is.”

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