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Megan Furman, deputy director of the Defense Digital Service, discusses priorities at the organization, and how their programs are improving technology and cybersecurity at the Department of Defense.

The Defense Digital Service is on the forefront of technology in the national security space. From managing bug bounty programs to supporting software development at the Pentagon, the group has a lot on their plate. Megan Furman, Deputy Director of the Defense Digital Service, says that by bringing in outside talent, they’ve improved military cybersecurity immensely.


“Before we started the bug bounty programs, if you were an ethical researcher or ethical hacker, you actually couldn’t report a vulnerability without exposing yourself to liabilities. We always say ‘if you see something, say something.’ If you saw something, you might be arrested,” Furman said. “The bug bounties writ large have had a huge impact on the way that we assess vulnerabilities. I love at this point that we are able to do both public and private bug bounties, so we can access all of the hands that are out there to make a really broad difference. You don’t find bugs and issues in that kind of robust way when it is just the internal options that we have.”

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