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Tony Reardon, President of the National Treasury Employees Union, discusses federal employee executive orders and morale at the Department of Homeland Security

Schedule F is dead, according to an executive order President Biden signed last Friday. Three other executive orders the president signed affect the federal workforce too.

“We’re not aware of any employees being moved to Schedule F,” Tony Reardon, President of the National Treasury Employees Union, told “Government Matters” Thursday. “The closest was OMB, which apparently had their list approved by OPM, but that’s really as far as it ever got.”

The executive order requires agencies to rescind any work done on Schedule F, said Reardon. Additionally, there is talk in Congress about how to prevent something like this from happening again.

President Biden also got rid of executive orders from May 2018. “The bottom line on those executive orders is that agencies are now under orders to go back and follow the law by bargaining in good faith,” Reardon said, stating that former President Trump’s executive orders “tilted the scales heavily in favor of management.”

President Biden additionally revoked Trump’s executive order on diversity training. Reardon believes this shows his commitment to attacking systemic racism.

“Any professional education program that helps us better understand and respect our coworkers of different races, genders, sexual orientations, gender identities, nationalities or religious beliefs I believe is a sign of progress … And we believe that the federal workplace can and should lead in this effort,” said Reardon.

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