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Kaitlyn Johnson, Associate Director of the CSIS Aerospace Security Project, discusses the Space Force organizational chart, and the new branch’s plan for their first few years.

The Space Force is moving quickly to achieve operational status. The new sixth branch of the armed forces is required to deliver their org chart to Congress by the first week of February. Kaitlyn Johnson, Associate Director of the CSIS Aerospace Security Project, says the Space Force organizational structure is being meticulously planned out.


“They were working on the organizational chart possibly before the Space Force was officially set up. The Air Force has been very dedicated towards getting this right, or at least putting a good team behind it to work effectively,” Johnson said. “Gen. Raymond, the chief space officer had a meeting with President Trump last week about the organization, but also about uniforms and basing ideas. All that we have heard is that went very well. I expect the organization is already done.”

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